After giving an earful to Ali, the staff then put him on a bus that was taking passengers for the Vistara Bangalore flight instead of the one to Mumbai. But the staff was prompt enough to get in touch and asked me to email the issue, which I already have. Apparently, Ali was treated in a very rude manner by the ground staff of GoAir and was even mistreated and called names. I am a frequent traveller on the Goa flight and I have never faced such treatment before.". The actor later took to Twitter to bring the matter to the airline’s notice. One crewmember in particular, a Civia D’Souza even went so far as to calling him names and told him, "Can’t you read Don’t you have brains Can you not follow the instruction How have you landed at the wrong gate "A miffed Ali replied that he was not given any instructions and this is the not way the staff should be talking to him. It was only when an official called to ask if there were any passengers for the Mumbai flight that Ali realised he was the only one and it was the wrong bus that he was asked to take. A fellow passenger revealed that the problem arose when Ali landed at a wrong gate within the airport.Actor Ali Fazal recently had an unpleasant experience at the Goa Airport Post Cap suppliers while travelling back to Mumbai. While he was subsequently guided to another gate, the staff present at the gate treated him in a very uncivil manner. When we contacted about the incident, Ali said, "Yes, it was an unpleasant experience. Ali ran towards the tarmac and managed to get into the flight just in time

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